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Here is your laundry.
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about me / grammar lesson
third-person limited point of view : an alternative [to third-person omniscient point of view] that does not require the writer to reveal all that a first-person character would know.

She's a bright, bubbly young girl that's always laughing and loves to have fun. The fifteen-year-old is tall, not too tall to be strange-looking but healthily tall for her age. She's of average size, with heavily muscled legs and a figure that tells you she eats heartily and yet not too much.
She has perfectly straightened, naturally white teeth that are always shown in her smile; she's not a girl that smiles with a closed mouth because of self-consciousness. When she smiles, her lip pulls up on one side to expose a little bit of gum, just to add that little spot of unique to what would otherwise be an everyday, boring flawless smile.
Her eyes are a gorgeous hazel, and looking into them is like looking through a window into a forest, a forest with trees enveloped in thick moss. When the sun hits t
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Wake up and look me in the eyes again
(file under: words I'll never hear from or say to you)
I need to feel your hand upon my face
(I have to be content with never knowing that sensation)
Words can be like knives
("well, you're nice,"
They can cut you open
you said awkwardly after I told you my feelings for you)
And then the silence surrounds you
(always checking my little blue brick of a phone, knowing it won't light up)
And haunts you
(sometimes it's hard to fall asleep. You're too deep in my mind.)
I think I might've inhaled you
(i breathe only for you)
I can feel you behind my eyes
(you're always there, even when not in my presence)
You've gotten into my bloodstream
(you could say my heart pumps to circulate my blood and provide oxygen to the far corners of my body. or you could say, more accurately, that my heart beats only for you)
I can feel you flowing in me
(if you cut me open i'll bleed emotions.
rather than li
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you and me and her
You love her because she is "nice," and "smart," and "funny," and "cute." Definitely "cute," because that is your favourite word to describe her. You say "cute" and your mouth parts into a dreamy smile, and your eyes don't meet mine anymore as they go someplace far away.
I'm pretty intelligent, with a bubbly personality and a fantastic sense of humor, but when I'm around you I feel about as charming as an elephant skin.
She has a boyfriend, but you still love her. You love her and you're trapped by your love for her because you have too much honor to steal her away.
If you wanted to, you could, you know.
But maybe that's just me talking.

You love her, and you're patient. Feelings shouldn't be stressed about, because, as you said to me, everything will work out.
You wait for her, a young man at the subway waiting for a train that has been a little delayed.
I wait for you, a girl standing alone in an abandoned subway. The trains don't run here anymore.
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Precisely by dragonair907 Precisely :icondragonair907:dragonair907 2 3 Abrupt Ending by dragonair907 Abrupt Ending :icondragonair907:dragonair907 3 5
ballet of ashes.
the ashes which had once been so beautiful,
  so perfect,
     are fluttering to the ground
  in lopsided pirouettes.
you're outside my window
for some
                          you try to catch them
           reaching for things you'll never get.
                            i watch these attempts, smirking,
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paper folds.
If I could do origami
       If I could manipulate the paper to make beautiful things
              like I manipulate the pencil to make beautiful things,
                      if I could do origami
                              I would fold a hundred paper swans,
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My Contribution To The Art Community by dragonair907 My Contribution To The Art Community :icondragonair907:dragonair907 1 0
Interrupted Dinner Part 3
The opening Pokéball disappeared down the tyrannosaur's throat. The beast halted in its attempt to gobble Keanu and bent to look at its tummy quizzically.
Jason Statham, now out of his Pokéball, stood inside its stomach and looked attractive. Keanu bellowed a command. With a pause to gather his energy, Jason Statham used BADASS. It's super effective! He started beating the living Jesus out of the dinosaur from the inside. The hulking beast shrieked in agony. After about .6 seconds it couldn't take the strain of the awesome any longer. The drunken tyrannosaur popped like a grape. Keanu was hit with a shower of guts and vodka. A bloody ushanka fluttered to the ground at his feet. Jason Statham returned to him eagerly. He was given a rare candy and returned to his Pokéball.
But it wasn't over yet. The tyrannosaurs were retreating now, but the things falling from the sky above them showed that there was still a battle left to fight…
Keanu hurried over to the corpse of C
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Interrupted Dinner Part 2
         In a flash everything made sense as the tyrannosaurs wearing ushankas floated down in their parachutes.
         Mr. Reeves knew they had to be stopped.
         As Keanu leapt up and somehow changed into his leather black cape while doing so, he was beaten to the chase by a fist and a loud cry of "FALCON PUNCH!"
         Captain Falcon punched the tyrannosaur in the face with a breadstick. The tyrannosaur, outraged, belched in his face. Captain was hit with an avalanche of vodka burp-stench. He died.
         Keanu couldn't stand it. The lumbering monsters began demolishing the café on their mad hunt for vodka. Keanu donned his awesome shades and was struck with an idea. Feverishly he looked around – There! In a quick stride he reached the fat nerdy kid standing agape.
:icondragonair907:dragonair907 0 2
Interrupted Dinner Part 1
       Mr. Reeves sat eating a delicious dinner. All around him the sounds of the café coming to life coincided with the soft classical music that drifted from the ceiling speakers.
       He sipped his wine, a merlot dated in the sixteenth century. Mr. Reeves believed in the good life. He was a man that loved to indulge himself.
       As the bitter taste of the wine rolled over his tongue, he realized that he was hearing a low noise. A sort of continuous murmur. Was he imagining it? Was the wine just getting to him? Most likely – it was, after all, five-century-old wine.
       So why was the maroon liquid in his glass being agitated?
       The noise grew louder. Mr. Reeves glanced around; other people were noticing it as well. As the floor began to tremor they panicked like a herd of very rich wildeb
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          The tigress paces restlessly inside her cage. Back and forth across the impossibly small space she's forced to accept as her home.
          With her astute feline eyes she spots a tigress in an neighboring cage indulging in her food with gusto. This particular tigress ate with the sloppiness that only pampered, undignified fat cats could acquire.
          The tigress looked away. It had been so long since she'd had a piece of meat. She was different from the other tigers – a different species with a different disposition. They shunned her for her unusual fierceness and hostile instinct. She looked at their plump, well-fed bodies and felt an animal hate for them. They had sacrificed their majesty and dignity just to get more of that meat.
          But she would never change. Th
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My heart is an empty shell.
What once was filled with rapidly blossoming emotion
and full-bodied passion
is now nothing more than a pulsing
mass of cardial
Nothing more than a machine with a singular purpose,
or a meer muscle.
Even the most flawless diamond can be eaten away, eroded,
by billions upon billions
of miniscule droplets.
The cracks are seeded and with time they grow, eventually splitting the gorgeous, allegedly unbreakable gem into a thousand jagged pieces.
Even my apathy instinct, my stronghold of self-worth, which was once as impenetrable as a wall of titanium, has succumbed to the tiny little droplets.
and then come the mallets.
those hammers that you took to my esteem.
those damndest tools that have dented and beaten the sheet metal. The scars they left will never fade.
As soon as the impossibly strong barrier crashed down, it was only a matter of time. My heart became defenseless and subject to whatever abuse the stress of the world chose to throw at it.
There ar
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Leaf Blade by dragonair907 Leaf Blade :icondragonair907:dragonair907 0 3 Black Capped by dragonair907 Black Capped :icondragonair907:dragonair907 1 5 It's Just A Rock. by dragonair907 It's Just A Rock. :icondragonair907:dragonair907 9 62
Please, don't judge my gallery by what you see here :)


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What could anyone possibly
when they look in the eyes of
:iconfallingmoon:fallingmoon 59 15
the science of us
acceleration = gravitational pull / mass
You didn’t send my heartbeat into a frenzy the first time I saw you. It was a month or two before I started feeling the little palpitations inside my chest and made sure that my hand accidentally brushed against yours every now and then.
(I wanted to make sure you got used to the feeling of my atoms colliding with yours.)
I told myself it was stupid and simply physical. You weren’t pulling my heart strings, you were toying with my belt buckle by smiling at me across the room and asking me to spend time with you on a Saturday afternoon. I was sold by the time you pulled into my driveway and my name slipped from between your lips.
(Sweaty palms and twisted vocal chords told me no one said it quite like you.)
I promised myself this was strictly a one-way thing. I feigned like I felt nothing, and in my nervousness I became the witty jackass. You laughed at my barbed-wire jokes and sped through a red light while I was watching
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Anything that's in here is guaranteed amazing.


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Delete it or clean out my old art or something.
I mean, I'm getting comments on my years-old stuff like, "OMG I love warriors i'm reading them right now fkdjafldh!" and I haven't been into Warriors for years. Years.
Same with all the terrible Modern Warfare 2 "artwork" I did; quotation marks are used simply because I was more than a bit egotistical in my younger days.
FYI; I still draw, etc.,  but I just haven't been uploading anything to dA for some reason... maybe I'll make a new account with all the stuff I haven't put here.
Not like anyone looks at it anyway. My audience is mainly twelve-year-olds.


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